• Introduced

    by Rufus Ketting:

    On this planet mankind pretty much calls the shots. It hasn’t always been like that. We entered the stage just after the sabre tooth tiger. Before us the food chain was commanded as follows (in order of appearance): germs, the t-rex, ice, sun, sabre teeth, fire, priests, electric guitars, advertising, information. Now, the planet itself is not very hard to understand, although it’s made of wonderful, mysterious and magical stuff. Like cobwebs, lightning and flying fish. Mankind, however isn’t very much into ‘simple’. They simply have too many words to keep things basic. And of course it would be a shame not to use them all. On top of that, new words enter the stage on a daily basis. And with it new plays, new art, new food, new clothes, new ways, new ‘anything’.


    Some new things are nice, others are evil. Some are important to these people here, some to those people there. Some are ‘right’, some are ‘wrong’. But all these new features have two things in common: 1. All of them are part of our culture and 2. they all need to be ‘out there’, they need to be known in order to exist. Some things will make their own introduction (like Mahler’s fifth or the A-bomb), other things… not so much. What the latter needs most is a company* to peel away the unnecessary amount of words and bring back the simple, beautiful, cobweb shaped core of that thing. This way the idea will fit on a poster. Or within a communication strategy, or exhibition design. By doing so, these new, intricate and wordy ideas are introduced to those who should at least know about them. Nice and easy.


    *it’s pronounced, ‘five and seven tick - bay’.



    Rufus Ketting, freelance creative director

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